Lotus TII Lasers

Nd: YAG Lasers
LOTIS TII Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers feature high output pulse energies, 5 to 24 ns pulse duration, low beam divergence and high repetition rate. They can be equipped with built-in or external converters up to the fifth (213 nm) harmonic of the fundamental laser frequency. Double-pulsed Q-switched lasers exhibit the precision delay between two output pulses with 1 ns accuracy and can be used in laser spectroscopy and velocimetry. Lasers are also equipped with a USB computer interface for simple operation.
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Tunable Lasers
The Tunable solid-state Ti:Sapphire (Al2O3:Ti3+) and Forsterite lasers with their frequency converters cover a wide spectral range from UV (209 nm) to IR (1360 nm). Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs) of two types widen the spectral range of solid-state laser from 230 up to 2300 nm. Computer interfacing available for most devices.
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Laser Systems
Using own reliable lasers with stable output parameters, Lotis TII designs and manufactures systems for technological and scientific applications. Two-channel tunable laser systems pumped with the double-pulsed laser became a powerful instrument for pump-and-probe, frequency mixing and Raman spectroscopy.

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