Polyethylene Lenses

The lenses are manufactured from a purified high-density polyethylene

Offer the best performance at frequencies below 1 THz and above 7 THz

Polyethylene is not transparent in visible and near-IR spectral ranges, so that the lenses can be used to block light

      • Polyethylene Lenses are sold mounted in a metal holder, as shown in this photo



Ordering Information:

Model Lens Type Holder Diameter/
Clear Aperture
Focal Length
PL-60 Bi-convex, spherical 2.75″ / 2″ 60 mm
PL-100 Bi-convex, spherical 2.75″ / 2″ 100 mm


The transmission spectra were measured for 2 mm thick slabs which corresponds to an average thickness of a lens (50 mm diameter, 100 mm focal length).

Polarization Rotator