20-year milestone special promotional offer

Microtech is celebrating 20-year milestone with a special promotional offer. Eugene, OR, May 16, 2016. Microtech Instruments is proud to announce a special offer to celebrate its 20th anniversary coming up this September- a 20% discount on select THz products. This offer begins June 1 st and lasts until the end of 2016. Microtech products included in this offer are all high power THz sources, Detectors, Spectrometers, and Imaging Systems including the new video-rate T-Vision system. Microtech’s T-Vision is based on the TPO, a high power optically generated THz source, and provides a unique solution for imaging at frequencies at 1.5 THz. Several THz movies produced using T-Vision are playing on our home page: www.mtinstruments.com If you are interested in scheduling a call with one of our engineers or requesting pricing information, please contact Renee Isley at renee@mtinstruments.com About Microtech Instruments, Inc. Microtech Instruments is a manufacturer of advanced scientific instruments for Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy applications. Serving the global scientific community for almost 20 years, Microtech Instruments established a strong reputation for delivering highly functional and reliable products. Committed to innovation, Microtech collaborates with leading research organizations and major industrial companies worldwide. For more information please visit www.mtinstruments.com

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