Archived Press Releases

December 20, 2012:
Multi-wavelength femtosecond laser system

October 10, 2012:
Demystifying Ultrafast Laser Systems.

May 4, 2012:
Microtech announces availability of Thin Film Polarizers.

January 20, 2012:
Microtech announces new products for Laser Micromachining, Coherent Raman and Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy
October 26, 2011:
Patented QS2 Terahertz Systems are on sale until the end of the year.
June 15, 2011:
New Terahertz oscillator generates up to 0.1 mW of average power concentrated in the atmospheric transparency window
at 1.5 THz.


February 23, 2011:
Microtech introduces more than a dozen new THz generators.

November 8, 2010:
Microtech extends frequency coverage of QS1-370 BWO to 1.15 THz

June 17, 2010:
Wire Grid Polarizers Offer Unmatched Performance up to 3 THz.

January 22, 2010:
BWO's reach 2.2 THz.

November 19, 2009:
Microtech introduces several new products.

June 25, 2009:
Golay Cells are available for next day delivery.