Multi-wavelength Ultrafast Laser Systems

FPPO-ps and FPPO-fs

Fiber Laser Pumped Picosecond and Femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillators:

Product Description & Components:

The FPPO product line supplies tunable, multiple wavelength outputs from a fiber laser pumped, optical parametric oscillator.  Two versions are available: the FPPO-ps, which delivers 6 ps pulses, and the FPPO-fs, which delivers 300 fs pulses.  Both systems offer near continuous tunability from 730 – 2000 nm from the OPO signal and idler beams, as well as 532 nm and 1064 nm light from the pump laser.  Possible applications of these versatile laser systems include:  multi-photon imaging, pump-probe spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and Raman imaging and spectroscopy.




Download Datasheet for FPPO-fs data

Download Datasheet for FPPO-ps data

Download a copy of the FPPO-ps Manual data

Download a copy of the FPPO-ps Application Notes app notes

Download a copy of the FPPO-fs Application Notes app notes