Publications and Reference Materials

Terahertz Imaging: A Technology in Search of Applications - Laser Focus World September 2017

The Higgs Mode in Disordered Superconductors Close to a Quantum Phase Transmission (PDF)

Markets, Availability, Notice, and Technical Performance Of Terahertz Systems: Historical Development, Present and Trends (PDF)

Video Rate THz Imaging Based on Frequency Upconversion using a Near-IR CMOS Camera (PDF)

Millimeter-wave photoresponse due to excitation of two-dimensional plasmons in InGaAs/InP high-electron-mobility transistors

Terahertz Generation from Quasi-Phase Matched Gallium Arsenide using a Type-II Ring Cavity Optical Parametric Oscillator

Extended Spectral Coverage of BWO combined with Frequency Multipliers (PDF 923 KB)

A Set of Lectures on Terahertz Technologies and Applications (March 2009)

THz Quantam Cascade Lasers (604 KB)

BWO THz Imaging (PDF 1.24 MB)

BWO THz Spectroscopy (PDF 1.85 MB)

BWO Technology and Applications (PDF 2.4 MB)

THz Properties of Materials (PDF 64 KB)

Intense Terahertz Excitation of Semiconductors (Book published December 2005)

Press Releases

May 16, 2016:

Microtech is celebrating 20-year milestone with a special promotional offer

August 27, 2015:

T-vision Enables Video Rate Imaging at 1.5 THz

April 20, 2015:

Microtech to Exhibit at SPIE DSS

September 11, 2014:
New Terahertz source delivers 1mW of average and 1.5W of peak power at 1.5THz

June 3, 2014:
Video Rate THz Imaging and Tomography enabled by a new THz Source




Archived Press Releases

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