THz Detectors

Golay Cells are opto-acoustic detectors featuring:

Polarization Rotator • Operation across a wide spectral range of 0.02-20 THz
• High responsivity 104 V/W
• Wide dynamic range 100 nW - 1 mW

Operation of Golay Cells is based on measuring vibrations in a gas cell caused by THz radiation heating. These are very stable and reliable detectors that are used in numerous research labs worldwide.

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Pyroelectric Detector:

Polarization RotatorThe pyro-electric detector based on LiTaO3 crystal, is designed for registration of modulated electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength range.

Download Pyroelectric Detector Datasheet (PDF, 165 KB)
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NEW!! Terasense Terahertz Camera:

Polarization RotatorMicrotech Instruments now carries Terasense Terahertz Camera.

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THz Imaging Acquisition Software:

Polarization RotatorNew THz Imaging Acquisition Software, compatible with the DAU-3, boosts the performance of Golay Cells and Pyroelectric Detectors.

Download Imaging Software Users Manual (PDF, 1.11 MB)
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